Have you ever found yourself wondering what all the buzz is about creating online courses?

Devin Slavin, Course Creation Network Founder.

By Devin Slavin, Course Creation Network Founder.

Since I’m immersed in course creation, I sometimes forget that not everyone knows how utterly AMAZING they are.

When I was recently asked, “Why would I want to create an online course?” I was inspired to list out oh-so-many reasons why they rock…

Ready to hear what they are?

1. Online courses allow you to stop trading your time for your money.

If you offer a product or service, turning that into a course allows you to reach an unlimited audience with minimal increases in labor.


2. Online courses allow you to reach an international audience.

Because your course is online, you can theoretically reach anyone with an internet connection who speaks your language. (And you can even get your course translated to other languages as well.)


3. Online courses can easily & completely replace your current income.

How much money do you need to earn each month? Now, if you sold a $100, $500, or $1000 course, how many participants do you need total? If you goal is 6-figures, then you can do that with 500 people purchasing your course for $200.


4. Influencers will likely sell your course for you.

Online courses open the doors to affiliate marketing – which means other people will promote your course for a commission on sales that come in through them.


5. Online courses can help you get on podcasts, summits and internet shows.

Anyone with a podcast would be much more interested in having someone on their show if they could earn a percentage as an affiliate. It’s showtime!


6. Online courses help you become a recognized authority in your industry.

When you have a course, you’re naturally regarded as an expert in your field – especially if you focus on a very specific niche.


7. Online courses allow you to make money while you sleep.

Since your website does the selling for you, you will make sales 24/7 without having to be there. If you haven’t had the experience before – get ready – one of the most uplifting experiences is to wake up with more money in your bank account without having to do anything!


8. Online courses help you make the world a better place.

Courses are all about creating results & transformation in your clients’ lives. And you even get to help some people for free – with your free trainings that lead to your paid course. Talk about a service to the world!


9. Online courses allow you to get paid sharing your passions.

Say goodbye to doing work that doesn’t excite you… You now get paid to help people with what you love most!


10. You will have something to sell RIGHT NOW versus years later.

Many people start out with a business and take years to develop their first product. Online courses are the complete opposite – you create it first, then have fun bringing it to the people who need it most.


11. You get to stop having to repeat yourself to clients over and over.

Do you find yourself saying the same thing to each client? Instead of wasting your time training everyone in the same thing, let your course do it for you.


12. Online courses = a $107 billion per year market (and growing).

More people (and companies) are turning to online courses for training. More people are coming online every day. The industry
Barrier to entry for creating online courses has NEVER been this low – You can do it with a laptop, and some of the best course hosting platforms have excellent free plans. So there is really no excuse to creating a course right now.


13. You can quit your job/don’t have to have a boss anymore.

If you are someone who works for a company and would love more freedom, online courses are for you. Say goodbye to having to do things how other people want them done. It’s your course – you get to call the shots now!


14. No need to rent or book a physical space for workshops or seminars.

Because online courses are well, online, you don’t have to rent an expensive venue and require your participants to fly across the world anymore. Talk about a burden lifted!


15. Creating an online course might be easier than you think.

It can be done in less than 2 months time – even if you have kids and a full-time job! And the tools to help you produce them are getting better and better.


16. Increased sales of your other products or services.

Online courses are a perfect lead-in to more customers wanting your high-end products and services – which means more money for you without having to market yourself.


17. Online courses make more money than other online opportunities.

There are so many ways to make money online, but are we talking 6-figures or pennies? Blogs usually sell advertising or affiliate products. Courses = cash!


18. You own your platform.

When you create an online course, you own it. When you build your email list while selling your course, you own it. You have a contact base to reach out to and control your pricing, etc.


19. You can charge clients less. (If you want.)

If your service costs too much for most people, you can create an online course that will help people for a lower cost than working 1-on-1 with you. More reach, more impact, for less work and less money!


20. You don’t have to pay for expensive business trips anymore. (Unless you want to.)

Online courses allow you to do seminars from your home – or anywhere around the world for that manner. Say goodbye to book tours or in-person seminars that take you out of your business for a whole week and cost thousands of dollars.


21. Everyone has something to teach.

Many people are afraid that they can’t teach a course because they aren’t the best in the world. Well, good news… You don’t have to be. You just have to be passionate, know your stuff, and be a few big strides ahead of those you can help most.


22. Once you learn how to create a course, your next courses become easier.

If you can launch one, you know what it takes and the next ones are a piece of cake!


23. Highest hourly rate you might ever get paid.

Let’s say you’re teaching a 4 classes to 50 people who paid $197 for the series. That’s $2,400+ per hour! (Yes, there is more time that goes into it than teaching the class, but it gives you a sense of how much you can leverage online programs to scale.)


24. Your students retain more of what they learn – which ends up benefitting you too.

A few recent studies show that using gamification, mixed media, self-paced learning and many other features of online courses help retain what they’re learning even more than in-person classes. How does this relate back to you? When your students learn more, they get more results. When they get more results, they buy more from you and spread the word.


25. There are minimal expenses when creating an online course.

Since your course is digital, the costs are extremely low and hardly increase as you scale.


26. Some course platforms do the marketing for you.

Udemy, Skillshare, and other course platforms will actually market your course for you. But I don’t usually recommend it, because you keep less of the money. Still, if getting out there is what you need to do, maybe they are for you?


27. Creating your course will make you a better person.

When you have to be your best and put your best work into your course, you will become someone bigger than you were before. Yes, there will be challenges, but you will gain things you could have never gained if you didn’t go for it.


28. You get to make mistakes and still get paid.

When you’re piloting your first course, people know it won’t be perfect. But as long as you get feedback and provide results, people will be satisfied with their purchase. Win!


29. You can get paid to create your course.

Have you heard of the term “pre-selling?” In the world of online courses, it means you build the minimum necessary to sell the course, and once people buy, you build the rest of it. When you do this, you get to find out if people will buy BEFORE spending the time creating your course.


30. You can get paid for bulk accounts.

Corporate accounts often buy courses for 20-100 employees at a time. Imagine how much money you can make and how many people you can help with just one corporate client!


31. Courses are convenient for your customers. Happy customers = happy you.

Your course participants can access their materials whenever they want/ wherever they want.


32. Online courses can meet all types of learning in one.

Audio, visual, kinesthetic. Mixed media, quizzes, gamification. Your course can be setup for optimal learning for everyone.


33. You know exactly what’s working and what isn’t working and get clues how to fix it.

Since you’re using online tools to track your customers/participants, you know where they are getting stuck and where you need to put some extra love and attention into your course.


34. You don’t need credentials to teach an online course.

Courses aren’t necessarily about how many years you went to school. They are about producing results. If you can do that, you can be successful in creating a course.


35. You don’t have to do it all, all at once.

When you’re designing your course, that’s all you have to focus on. Once you create your course, 90% of the work is focused on marketing. When its done, it’s done. You can move on to other things and still make money.


36. Worlds most flexible work schedule.

You can work any time of the day you’d like. Totally up to you. Need to take a day or a week off? As long as you’re not in the middle of a launch, go for it!


37. You can work from anywhere in the world.

Since your course is online, you can essentially work from anywhere around the world – as long as it has a good internet connection. Bon voyage!


38. The self improvement market is only growing.

Most courses have something to do with improving something or getting a result. With the self improvement market continually growing, there are more people hungry for a course that can help them.


39. You can turn past work into a course.

Have you written blog posts, or books? Or maybe recorded podcasts, etc. You can actually reformat & repurpose that content into online courses. You’ve already done the work. Why not package it into something that will provide more impact and make you more money?


40. Creating online courses is super fun & fulfilling!

You get to be yourself. You get to surprise your students with bonuses. You get to hear about your students’ success stories and get lit up by it all!

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