Today’s the day! It’s official. The Course Creation Network has launched – and we’re out to revolutionize the online course industry.

How so?

Up until now, you mostly have online course “evangelists” either:

  1. Selling you their “how-to-create-an-online-course” trainings (we do this too!)
  2. Selling you their software that helps you create courses

But no one seems to gather all the best resources in one place – giving YOU (the next course creation star) the insider’s info you need on creating your course.

Introducing: The Course Creation Network – Top Resources & Training on Designing, Building & Launching Online Courses!

Where did this all begin?



Devin Slavin, Course Creation Network Founder

Hi, I’m Devin Slavin, founder of the Course Creation Network.

I’ve been successfully creating online courses since 2011 (and teleseminar-based courses long before that). In 2015 decided to create a business venture training conscious leaders in the methods in creating courses that make a difference.

Earlier this year, I hosted the world’s largest virtual conference on course creation – the Online Course Creation Summit – which hosted 40 top online entrepreneurs and course experts on how to design, build & launch your own online course.

Quite honestly, the original plan was to build a massive email list while providing a ton of value – at which some point after, I would enroll students in my Course Creators Bootcamp. (And I did! And it worked great!)
But after connecting with all these incredible speakers, and noticing that there wasn’t a single platform that was bringing the best of the best together in one place – I felt the time was ripe to do just that.

And so the Course Creation Network was conceived.

“Why should I care?”

Well, my friend, we’re going to be showcasing the best of the best here in terms of course creation including:

  • What’s working right now in 2016
  • Best new platforms
  • Fastest way to get started creating courses
  • What to do once you’ve created your course (I.E. Marketing)
  • The dirty secrets no one wants to tell you about creating your online course

So, I’d like to think you’re in for a treat!


What’s next?

Here are a couple things I highly recommend you doing:

  1. Get on our mailing list to make sure you don’t miss all of our EPIC resources that are on the way. (The giveaway below will get you on our list as well.)
  1. Let us know what you want to hear about most so we can curate content that will rock it.
  1. Join our Course Creation Community Private Facebook Group to continue.
  1. Donate 1-million dollars… Just kidding!
  1. Participate in our Course Creation Home Studio Giveaway which is running from now until Nov. 4, 2016.


DISCUSSION: Where are you at in the course creation journey and what step are you going to take next, to take it to the next level?

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